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    why does the knife tool leave gaps in the shape? (CS6)


      When I use the knife tool on an shapeit leaves a gap where I slice. First I thought it was just an illusion in the program but it stays even after I've exported the image (both by "save as" in illustrator and "export" in inDesign). I've been careful not to move the shapeafter I used the tool so I don't think that should be a reason.


      I've tried on different types of shapes like normal circles and more complex shapes. I've also attempted to start a new file from scratch but with the same result  What could the reason be? Is there a setting I should be aware of?


      This is what I see in Illustrator:


      And this is what the image looks like when saved as pdf (in illustrator):


      It also looks the same if I place it in inDesign and then export to pdf.


      EDIT: I don't know if it is important but the size of the shape is about an A4 or there about.


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