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    AS2 Accessing class methods

    icecappacino Level 1
      Hi guys,

      i created custom classes for a quiz flash im making...

      in these custom classes i also attachMovie with class references

      thus i have the following class hierarchy

      Movie 1/Class 1
      |- Movie 2/Class 2 (attachMovie)
      |--Movie 3/Class 3(attachMovie)

      now i have a scenario in that Class 3 needs to execute a function of class 2

      So what i did is assign a variable to movie 3 with a reference in movie 2

      thus in movie clip 2 when im attaching the movie clip 3 i have

      var movie2.self = this; and movie3.clip = self;

      now when im running the code and while i can

      trace(clip) // outputs movie2

      in movie 3

      i cant seem to

      heres a snippet of the code

      Any idea whats happening here?