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    Microphones disabling on specific meetings

    rubenr3 Level 1

      This is an issue that has only been observed on two seperate meeting, but multiple times in each meeting, in different environments, and on different machines.  And, there is no noticeable issues with the network.


      After about 2 hours (I think a little more in each case), the microphone fromt he host machine stops broadcasting.  The microphone icon on the AdobeConnect interface is still green, but the icon is not radiating the lines that tell you that its broadcasting.


      On the remote end, the Host's mic icon is displayed in the Attendee List, but is not blinking.  So, it looks more like a participant that has been given microphone rights but has yet to enable the microphone.


      The "fix" has been to mute the host's mic and then unmute it.  But, since it seems to be only occurring in two meetings consistently, I'm wondeirng if its something in the meetings' settings.