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    xml class vs function

    zibber Level 1
      Hi I wondered if someonce could point me in the right direction. Im currently developing a smallish project in flash using as3. Essentially there are 6 areas which content will be loade din via xml. Now, to help with laod times, I want to laod all 6 xml files in, int he background so the data is there when a user clicks a channel. My current set up is to create a function that then parse the xml and store the data.

      Im new to classes, and cant work out the best way or even it its correct to turn my xml function into a class, so then i can just create a new instance to get to the data easier? Is that better than jsut creating a function, whats best pratctice in this regard? any pointers would be great

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          projects that are for your own personal use need not use class files (but it can still be good to polish your skils) . if this project is part of a collaborative effort (among several programmers) using class files is very desirable.