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    How Do a Visual (Not Interactive) Page Curl?

    homeboy4 User Group Manager

      I am working on an InDesign print document A that includes an image tilted 18 degrees with a slight drop shadow. All four sides of the image show and it is overlaid on a solid color.  The image is actually another InDesign document B which has the appearance of a form with a white background but includes PDF, type and image material. So far, so good. However, I want the lower right corner of the placed InDesign document B to include a page curl. The back of the curled page should be white (with appropriate shading). I will have occasion to make changes to this document B which is part of the reason it is a placed document.


      What is the best way to make the page curl feature?

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you just want a static graphic that looks like the upturned corner of a page, you can create it with the shape and gradient tools in InDesign:


          • Draw your rectangular frame and add your placed content
          • Use the Pen tool to add anchors either side of the bottom corner for each end of the 'fold'
          • Use the Pen 'delete anchor point' tool to remove the original corner, creating a bevel.
          • Lock the frame so it's easier to draw on top of it.
          • Using the Pen tool, draw a triangle that lines up with your now-missing corner
          • If you want a curve instead of a fold, adjust the bezier handles on the corners of your triangle (use the Pen 'Convert Anchor' tool to drag the sharp corners into beziers, then drag the handles to make a cusp shape as below).
          • Apply null stroke, and a gradient at -45 degree angle with a combination of white/gray/white to give the illusion of shadow. It helps if the angle of the 'fold' is slightly off from the angle of the gradient.
          • If you need to move or anchor the object, group the triangle and the underlying frame.


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