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    6/11/2013 - Flash Player 11.8.800.81 Beta

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Flash Player Beta Channel Update



      Flash Player 11.8 builds are now available.  You can download Flash Player here: http://www.adobe.com/go/flashplayerbeta.



      New Features


      • Recursive stop on MovieCli
        This feature allows a game developer to effectively pause/stop a running SWF without having to iterate through all of the objects on the DisplayList. A new method called stopAllChildren is added to the DisplayObjectContainer ActionScript class to provide a mechanism by which developers can stop the timeline animations of all MovieClip objects that are children of the corresponding DisplayObjectContainer.


      • Support for 4096 x 4096 2D textures via the BASELINE_EXTENDED profile
        The maximum 2D texture size available has been increased to be 4096 x 4096 for Stage3D applications that obtain a Context3D using the Context3DProfile.BASELINE_EXTENDED profile.  Only hardware environments that support a maximum texture size of at least 4096 x 4096 will support the BASELINE_EXTENDED profile so applications need to be prepared to fallback to using the BASELINE profile if the request fails.

      • RectangleTexture class added to the BASELINE profile
        A new RectangleTexture class has been added to support non-power-of-two textures.  These do not support compressed textures, mipmapping, or the repeat wrap mode, but may be useful for reducing memory consumption in situations where mipmaps are unnecessary, for render to texture, and supporting 1:1 backbuffer-sized blits, as they are allowed to be at least as large as the backbuffer.  A RectangleTexture is created using the Context3D.createRectangleTexture method.



      Notable Fixes and Enhancements:

      • Multiple stability and security enhancements



      About the Beta Channel


      Beta Versions of Flash Player are now available for automatic installation via our Background Update service. Please subscribe to automatically install or receive update availability notifications at runtime.

      If you would like real-time notification for announcements related to the Flash Player Beta Channel, please subscribe to our Twitter feed@FlashPlayerBeta, or Follow the Flash Player Beta forums by choosing Follow This Forum from the right-hand menu on the Forums page.


      You can find instructions for getting started with this release here: Flash Player 11.8 Labs Page


      We encourage you to let us know what you think over on our 11.8 Labs forums