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    Exported PNG files getting extra characters in name and linked files losing link


      UGH!.. Hope that made sense.


      Okay...I work on a couple hundred graphics for software at a time, usually creating each piece in a layer with the correct naming convention as the layer name.  Then I use the "Save Layers and PNG. Artboard" script for batch export them into the ONG files...all named properly.  This was a Blessing from heaven.


      However, about three months ago, Illustrator starting adding a "dash" mark in place of a space between words.  I can't link this to an update or other change, wish I could.  This is causing a huge problem..as the software these graphics are for REQUIRES the names be perfect...including the spaces (Can't be underscores, nada).  I'm having to go through an manually rename over half the files just to remove this dash mark.


      There is nothing in the original script for this. 


      I have gone through all the settings.  I have adjusted the Output Settings / Saving Files to eliminate every instance AI is asked to add anything but a space.   Although I'm not sure if these Output settings are used when the script runs.  Don't know if it's the script, some other setting buried somewhere.

      Any other thoughts or solutions?  Are there other scripts that do the same job that I might try to see if I get better results?  I attached a link to a download of my current script




      Second issue isn't script based, but I'll ask anyway.  Regularly, when I open an AI file that has PNGs, JPG, and other graphics in the file, the "links" have been lost and require me to manually re-link each one, or delete the now empty file object and add it back in.  This includes embedded objects.


      The AI file, nor the graphics have been edited, changed, renamed, or any of the files or folders moved.  Nothing that would cause this that I can think of.  ANyone have a thought why this is happening and how I can prevent it?


      OH YEAH...CS5.5   Windows 7       ThankS  !!!