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    Photoshop Thinks My Knowlege Is Inadequate

    Ben Franchuk

      Dear Adobe,


      For a while now, at random moments, my copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 has been randomly opening about 20 or so different help pages on my browser during the middle of me working, for absolutely no reason. What are these help pages about, you may ask? They are help pages, telling me that every single piece of information and knowlege i know about photoshop is wrong, and how i can fix that by learning from scratch. You may think, "they are just browser windows, couldnt you just close them?" Well, I Suppose I COULD, provided that they didnt reapear THE MOMENT I CLOSED THEM. Every single time your software does this, it is essentially telling me that im some dumb f**k who doesnt know jack sh*t of what i am doing, which is actually, the oposite. For that matter, I have been using Photoshop as my only graphics software for... honestly, as long as i can remember, and have not ever considered to switch to, say, Corel, or something free, like Gimp. I have a lot of skill with this software, and dont want to have to re-learn all this skill for a different software, but unless this gets fixed, i will.


      Sincerely, an extremely disgruntled Adobe user