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    Pc build for AP & AE

    Troy_w1 Level 1

      Hi All, after reading for two months I've decided to put forth my ideas for my new pc build and get some expert opinions. Basicly I'm building a new pc for premier predominately, but also after effects as I'm doing more and more motion graphics these days.


      After soaking up as much hardware info as I could my potential build is as follows;


      Intel i7 3930k sandy bridge-e 3.2Ghz 12mb

      Asus p9x79 Pro lga2011 (debated on saber tooth still undecided)

      Corsair 1050w PSU

      32GB (4x8gb) rip jaws 1600mhz

      Cool master x6 CPU cooler

      2x corsair SSD (1 for OS , 1 for apps more too come)

      1x seagate black 3tb for media

      3x 3tb seagate greens for storage/archive


      At the moment  have a new boxed gigabyte gtx570OC sitting here, in a debate whether to sell and get a 680 or get another 570 (or 2) and run in sli.


      I'm looking to spend around 2k Aus, pretty much even with US $ atm.


      Apart from overall feedback, I'd like some advice on GPU , advantage of 2-3 SSD in raid and SSD caching plus any other potential bottlenecks I'd suffer. Really after speed and good render times.


      Bulk of my footage is AVCHD.


      Thanks in advance

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Comments regarding your planned build:


          - cpu - check

          - mb - check

          - p/s - check

          - RAM - check

          - CM x6 - no, discontinued in USA, reviews marginal, go with CM 212 EVO and add a fan if you want best performance on a budget

          - SSD - stick wth a single SSD for OS/programs (Samsung pro excellent, corsair high end OK, budget models write too slow)

          - SSD - extra for After Effects - get one with awesome write speed or if budget does not allow skip it

          - Green WDs - no, no, no!!! WD blacks, Hitachi, Seagate .14 drives are all great

          - Gigabyte GTX 570 OC - great card, use it!





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            Troy_w1 Level 1

            Thanks Jim,

            I expected some mention of the greens but for just storage/archiving I've found them usefull, and affordable for bulk storage . I dump my raw on one til I get time to edit, them transfer to a black for edit, once complete and supplied to client it gets archived on another.


            With the SSDs I was working towards a setup similar too; OS, progs, cache/preview & then media all on dedicated drives.


            Any info on the SSD caching with the x79pro ?

            I'm using win 7 pro ATM, see no reason to update to 8.

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              Troy_w1 Level 1

              BUMP on this one, any help or advice guys ?

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                If you are talking about the SSD caching tech on the Asmedia Controller, it's ok but not worth the use of an SSD. You would be better using the SSD for the AE cache and Media Cache or for media in progress.


                Remember the failure rate of Green drives if you are going to use them for archive. You need to backup those archives accordingly.