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    Severe new onset printing problem with Photoshop CS 5.1 on a MAC OS 10.7.5.

    Dr. Mike C


      I have both Epson Stylus 7890 and smaller R2400 printers.   Everything working perfectly until 3 days ago when trying to print on the 7890 and all that happens is lines of “jibberish” patterns on the page that vaguely appear related to the print.   Have wasted about 6 feet of roll paper trouble shooting this with multiple different pics.   Everything prints fine from CS5.1 on the P2400, and other programs (Word, View NX2, etc) print fine on the 7890 – appears to be some conflict with CS5 and Epson 7890.    Thought it might be a corrupted printer driver so I deleted the Epson Files, deleted the printers, emptied the trash, then re-installed the driver from Epson with the same results.    Very frustrating – hours and hours trying to fix this.