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    How to make a movie of a presentation keeping audio and pictures in sync


      How can I synch slides and audio (the audios are different lengths) in a presentation and turn it into a video.

      Each slide should stay in place until the audio has finished (the audio's are slightly different lengths).

      I've tried using a free trial of "Adobe Presenter" but I couldn't seem to make a movie of my presentation.

      I will consider purchasing the software that will do this for me as I have  a few presentations I want to make and convert to movie format for my colleagues to watch (this is to help in a teaching environment).

      Is there a program that will let me match up my audios and slides in the correct order and synch them so the audios do not move beyond the slide for which they are intended? Any help much appreciated with this problem.

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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



          The slide duration in presenter is automatically adjusted according to the time of the audio inserted on that slide.

          How are you inserting audio on slide ? Recording or inserting  using presenter option ?


          You cannot create a movie format like avi, mp4 etc

          But you may publish the presenttaion in the swf format which will play in a browser or a swf player. To play in the broswer you just need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your system. It will play like a movie in the broswer.


          Let me know if you need some more help




          Alpi Agarwal

          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team