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    Please Help!! First time builder needs help figuring out components for $2000 machine

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           Hello everyone I know this question comes up alot, but after reading through much of it I still need a little help.  I just graduated college, doing production, and want to do editing professionally.  Learned on Final Cut but as I have used Pro for the last year on my own (on a HP HDX 16t, I know its horrible), I have decided to go with CS6 and learn everything there is.  I don't have the budget for a warrior computer but at least I would like to get something that will 1)allow me to learn and develop using Pro, AE, and PS. and a little 4D in the future 2) allow me to gradually up grade as I become a professional and demands increase.  Due to me current limitations, my independant projects have been for youtube exporting in FLV. (rendering a 3 min clip takes about 30-40 mins... so sad haha)

           I have about $2000 USD (not including the monitor) to invest in this.  Before this week I have had no prior knowledge of computer building, I've learned a great deal from this forum, and I am ready to build this bad boy.  here are my questions and some of the possible components ...



      CPU - I'm going with intel i7. My question here is whether the 3930k hexa is really that much better      than the 4770k quad.  Is this a no brainer must go with 3930? I do plan to OC.


      MoBo - I  have looked at some many versions of this, can I do the p9x79 pro along with the 3930k and      still stay under $2000? is it worth it to do so and get a gpu thats less expensive?


      GPU - I've read a ton of forum posts in which many of you guys have said that in certain situations the      gtx 680 is over kill or not needed, and that something like the gtx 650 ti would do just fine.


           - If so how many Gbs?

           - should I lower the CPU or MoBo for a better GPU?


      Drives -  From all I gather I think the 128gb 840 pro is a given so check! I will get at least 2 WD      black 1 TB hhd. This seems to be a standard no matter what Mobo/CPU combo I go with, right?


                                    Now the trickiest part for me is what combination of (see below) keeps me at $2000

                                         - 32gbs ram (to start, p9x79 gives me the option to get more later)

                                         - Case that has good air flow, a lot of bays

                                         - Power supply

                                         - Liquid Cooling (I do need liquid cooling if I plan to OC a 3930k right?)

                                         - Blu ray burner



      This my delima.I'm still not sure what truly effects Pro and AE the most. Even after looking at the balance graphs, should I go with the Hexa, and better MoBo no matter what, or scale it down a little for a better GPU or memory? Also going into professional editing, what kind of space should I want in a case and MoBo? Besides USB 3.0 what else should I consider? What would I use the pci slots for? What peripherals are a standard that I need if not now definitely in the future?


      Thank you in advance I know I am a complete novice, I guess we all started somewhere and this is my start. I could really use the help.