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    "Invalid Key" and EKAG20NT.EXE error


      After trying to update my computer with an SSD, then returning to the original HDD's, I now get an error that says I have an invalid key. If I click through, it gives me an "Incorrect EKAG20NT.EXE version (internal error, API V2.00)". The program appears to load normally, and seems to function normally while editing, but I don't want to get in the middle of this rather large project and get stranded.


      It does not happen with AE, PS, Audition, or any other programs in the Production Suite. I have a Dell Precision T5600 twin Xeon Workstation. It does use a PERC 310 raid controller with two main 350GB enterprise drives. All video file data is kept off the machine on external eSATA drives.


      Any idea why this happened, and how I can fix it?


      Thank you-


      Addendum: It also happens if I export a file for encoding to Media Encoder.