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    External links in MCM Newsletters

    Panasaki Level 1

      Good morning,


      I am trying to create a Newsletter customize to the cq page launching the process.


      For that I have a Template Alert that by code is copied to tmp folder and fill out some attributes with the value of the page. Then is called the buildNewsletter and sendNewsletter of the Adobe CQ5 NewsletterService.


      One of the things done is create a link to the page inside of the newsletter, for that I am writing the external URL for example http://www.client.com/content/en/page.html but the link is transform to


      http://localhost:4502/tmp/alert5.newsletter.goto.html/e841c0fa-af26-35d4-a550-2eadb6c0b5f7 ?target=http%3A%2F%2www.client.com%2Fcontent%2Fen%2Fpage.html


      Someone knows a way to avoid this behaviour?


      I know my development is quite special, but any help will be welcome.


      Thank you.