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    Records out of margin


      While attempting to generate multiple records, I've noticed the margins I established aren't being respected. The records, for some reason, automatically shift out of place.

      I've attached a pic to better illustrate what I'm experiencing:




      Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Did you check the coordinates of the frame after merging? It almost looks to me as if it could be in the correct position (though we've seen other reports of shifting) and that you are being deceived by a white stroke applied to the grid in the background that is aligned to center or inside.


          Two things that might help if that isn't it are to set the right and bottom margins to values that allow more space than required by the frame size and spacing settings, and to run the merge without previewing. The multiple record preview has been a bit buggy since CS5, I think, and can cause some unexpected results, even though the preview itself looks perfect.