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    CQ5.4/5.5 - integration with SiteMinder/external IdProvider/LDAP



      I am looking for an approach on how to design CQ integration using SSO with below options.


      <<This is specifically for CQ 5.4/5.5 as 5.6 provides SAML integration OOB>>


      1. LDAP with SSO in harmony - User getting created in CRX once LDAP authenticates it. This can use OOB LDAP Module

      2. Using SAML -  with external Identity Provider to authenticate user. This requires custom LoginModule.  (Integration using Open Source or  SiteMinder or

                                 providers like Gigya or Cloud-based IdentityProvider)


      Also, is it possible to use LDAP LoginModule(OOB) and Custom JAAS LoginModule on single repository.xml? Do we foresee any issues?


      Appreciate any inputs or experience with similar implementation