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    Cfthread question

    jfb00 Level 3

      Hi All,

      My first try using cfthread. I want two calculations to run at the same time:


      <cffunction name="getData" output="false" access="remote">

      <cfargument name="req_id" type="numeric" required="yes" />


      <cfset var returnArray = ArrayNew(1)>

      <cfthread name="processQuery" action="run">

           <cfset myObj = CreateObject("component", "myComponent") />

           <cfset returnArray [1] = myObj.getCalculationA(arguments.my_id) />

           <cfset returnArray [2] = myObj.getCalculationB(arguments.my_id) />


      <cfthread name="processQuery" action="join" />


      <cfreturn returnArray />



      It is not returning anything. What am i missing?

      Thanks in advance.

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          jfb00 Level 3

          Couple issues with variables scope, but the time of the function still the same.

          Do i need to setup something in the cf administrator?

          I am using cf 9 enterprise.


          Here is my new code:


          <cffunction name="getData" output="false" access="remote">

          <cfargument name="my_id" type="numeric" required="yes" />


          <cfset variables.my_id = arguments.my_id />

          <cfset variables.returnArray = ArrayNew(1) />

          <cfset variables.myObj = CreateObject("component", "myComponent") />


          <cfthread name="processA" action="run">

               <cfset variables.returnArray [1] = variables.myObj.getCalculationA(variables.my_id) />


          <cfthread name="processB" action="run">

                   <cfset variables.returnArray [2] = variables.myObj.getCalculationB(variables.my_id) />



          <cfthread name="processA, processB" action="join" />


          <cfreturn variables.returnArray />


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            jfb00 Level 3

            I included other threads and i see the difference on the time.

            Nice feature of CF !!!