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    Which Premiere Pro (CS6) project settings should I be using?

    Goodpractice Level 1

      Hi there


      I am currently trying to use Premiere Pro CS6 to edit a Skype video call I recorded using Super Tintin, and I'm not sure what project settings I should l be using.


      At the moment I am selecting HDV/HDV1080i25 (50i) when I set up the project, but when I come to add the video file to the project timeline, I am told that the file settings do not match the sequence settings and I am prompted to either change the settings, or keep the existing ones.


      When I select 'keep existing settings' the video appears in a very small box in the centre of a large black screen, which obviously isn't what I'm looking for. When I select 'change sequence settings', however, the video fills the screen, which is great, but the video and audio are out of synch (when I play the file outside of CS6, they are in synch). Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


      If it helps, here is some info regarding the file I'm currently working with:


      MP4, 9MB

      Frame width: 320

      Frame height: 240

      Frame rate: 14 frames/second

      Data rate: 529 kbps


      Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.