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    Few PP CS5 issues

    steverup50 Level 1

      I have a few issues going on with CS5 and hope someone can lend advice..    


      First, I am usiing CS5 with Windows 7 Professional 8GB RAM. All of my video files reside on an external GRaid drive. For over a year now, I have been using this setup and no issues, buit suddenly I am ruuning into some challenges
      I have an 8 min video edited. In the project there is a mix of MXF files and MOV's. Whenever I open this project up, so many of the clips appear unrendered, even though they were not this way when I closed the project. Also,the Generating Peak File goes on for a while... drives me crazy... the funny thing is, I have a copy of this project with the exact same files, but the video is only 4 min long. The rendering and peak file thing does happen when I open this project.


      Also,lately all of my projects (does not matter what type of media), are playing choppy in the timeline. It plays, gets hung up and starts again.... this has never happened before in over a year of using the same drives and computer. But now, every timeline is having issues... I thought it might be contained to just one project, but this is not the case. My drives have plenty of space and computer is fast, so I am baffled.


      Any suggestions?





      Regarding the choppy playback. I thought about what I might have done differently over the past few days which may be contributing to the playback issues. I recently bought a WD My Book Studio 2 Raid Array drive and hooked it up to my desktop via eSATA. (It is a backup drive which is only one when I need it) Can you beleive this is the issue. As soon as I removed the eSATA cable from the back of my desktop, the timeline playback is smooth..... when I connect it, it is choppy, The WD drive is not even on but just connecting the cable causing issues... can anyone explain this.