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    Help with render settings in Speed Grade

    rexomus Level 1

      Ok, I have been using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator for a while and have a good work flow using them. Now I want to add production value to my work. I just started using Speed Grade a few days ago and I am impressed with what it can do. I need help. Here is my problem: Creating a usable render.


      My work flow:

      All my footage is shot on Canon 7D cameras at 23.976 1080p

      I import my footage to Premeire Pro and edit my sequences

      I then export my combined sequences to either: H.264 for bluray or Mpeg 2 for DVD

      I then create a Disc Menu ect in Encore and export as a Disc Image and burn my discs


      What I would like to do is add Spped grade coloring in my work flow.


      I know how to export my edited sequences in Pre Pro for Speed Grade (SG). But After I get the sequences to SG: how and what settings should I use to render out and then go to Encore to create my Disc Images?


      Every rednering setting I use has not worked. Both Quick Time and Microsoft Media Player say they can not play the files I render out.


      What is the best way to do this? Thank you.