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    Export to HQ DVD very poor quality

    serge kouper Level 1

      Hi all,

      I've been trying to export to an HQ DVD, meaning I've chosen the highest settings, ending up with a 5552Mb File for 75 mn... which I believe would be enough to have a very high "normal"definition .

      ok I know it wouldn't fit but I burned 10mn of timeline with these settings, to check, and the quality is very poor. I believe as bad as a VHS second generation copy... My titles appear like a very low photoshop jpg compression, and all lignes and shapes are surrounded by some kind of compression artefacts not acceptable even in normal def. (not mentioning the interlaced lines at the edit point when the clip has been altered in size or color etc...) You get the picture...

      I had a look at the calculator, that is not much help finally when exporting from premiere.

      What I want to do is export my (xdcam hd 50mbps 1080 50i).mxf timeline to a beatiful dvd that everybody can play....

      Should I go for a third party encoder?

      Also, It seems that when I export and burn through Encore, I get a slightly vertically stretched frame, that ellipses the perfect circles I have on the timeline. Although I respect the pixel ratio of 1.0, 16.9 screen... wide screen etc... I always get this stretching. (Playing the file from the pc is correct.)

      What puzzles me is to see some nice SD DVDs around, burnt from HD files and I'm not able to get at least the same results from a broadcast approved camcorder and premiere CS6.


      Export settings are:

      export settings.jpg


      Help please... Thanks.

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