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    RH 8 - High level book not displaying in TOC




      Hope you might be able to offer some help or insight into a TOC issue we are having with one of our projects.

      The Online Help for one of our lead products contains 20 high level 'books'. However one of the books is not displaying for the latest release and possibly before this.


      However, this is not apparent when viewing the Online Help locally during and after Help generation stage.

      Its only happening after the Online Help is integrated with the Product and viewed either on the network or online - the product is browser-based and Im reviewing in IE 9.


      We use RH 8 - and the WebHelp (Primary Layout) output. From the published help we generate a WAR file of the Online Help using an internal tool, which is then integrated by our developers with the Product. The Help consists of 20 individial RH projects that are merged to a 'main' or 'master' project at build time.


      I have checked for any stray or rogue condition tags. There was one but I removed it, regenerated the Help and the error is still occuring. The HHC file for the 'main' project doesnt show anything out of the ordinary.


      I've read quite a bit on the forum about TOC issues with WebHelp Pro and RoboHelp server but our set up does not include either.


      I did notice some of the file names for the topic in this book are quite long - the longest is 77 characters. Its not a very big book - a mere 16 topics.


      Any thoughts or leads?

      Many thanks.