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    Why is my InDesign CS6 document offsetting when it prints?

    BuDDZ1gN3r Level 1

      I've had CS6 for several months and had no issues... until now. Suddenly an 8.5" x 11" basic document i use regularly is printing with a .25" offset at top and left, as if allowing for bleeds. But I've checked all settings in document and print options, and offset is turned off, as are bleed/slug selections. I have no "invisible" items in my document that could be triggering bleeds by default. I'm stumped. Can anyone suggest any settings I might have missed?


      Note: I recently printed a larger document with bleeds on ledger sized (11" x 17") paper through the manual feed tray. Some of those settings showed up in my document print options, and I've weeded those out (I think). But I'm still getting the offset when I print.