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    CSH implemtation for a merged project

    Author care Level 2

      Hi everyone,

      I am currently looking into implementing CSH for one our web help systems.

      It's a merged project i.e


      Master project x

           sub project 1

           sub project 2



      I know that for a single help project in RH 2 files are created a .h mapping file with numbers mapped to topic IDs and an alias file .ali which has topic ids mapped to topic file names. Whatever help format you create, normally one is supposed to work via the same map and alias files.


      How does this work with a merged project, in particular a web help merged project please?


      Do I have our developers point at sets of .h and alias fiels for each sub proiject they're wanting to point to?


      Any advice or information from people from people who have already done this please?