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    Photo Matrix from folder


      Hello how are you?


      I really really need your help.


      I have an aleatory number of squared pictures (ex: 4x4 of 6x6, or 10x10, etc) that may change everytime.


      These files together become a "big picture".


      What I want is an action to photoshop make a collage respecting the number of rows and collumns.


      So, row 1 would have: Picture 1.png in collum 1; picture 2.png in collum 2

      than row 2 would have: picture 3.png in collum 1; picture 4.png in collum 2


      How can I do that?


      Can I make an action that if I settle the matrix size, photoshop can take all the pictures from one folder and fulfill that matrix?


      Thank you so much!



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          TLL... Level 3

          You may want to re post this to the scripting forum - I think you may find some answers there.




          PS - Try to refrain from wacky color schemes ...

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Look at my Photo Collage Toolkit for photoshop.  You make Collage Template PSD files and use the scripts in the toolkit to populate these.


            Documentation and Examples

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              l2berzins Level 1

              Hello!  I cannot believe I could have all these help in such a short time, you guys are amazing!!!


              I am really a beginner, so yall are my photoshop guides! So I am sorry if I have so many questions.


              What I am looking for is much much more simple than what i have been reading from you guys. 

              I am a beginner and i don't know what I am doing.


              I saw the script, thank you, but First of all (and most important):

              • how do I save the script?
              • where do I save the script?
              • and how do i run the script?


              So, hands on:

              I went to your web page, I thought I was the only one in the world trying to do this crazy thing, so I was releived that I could have some help.


              I saw that your final result is a poster that have 4 collums x 14 lines, with no border and no spacing.


              I work in an orphanage and I have a folder 4x4 (640 pixels x 640 pixels) pictures in alphabetic order


              What I want is:

              1. a square poster, that the number os lines is equal the number of collumns.
              2. I will receive a folder with images that all of them are either .jpg or .png, in alphabetic order, 640 pixels x 640 pixels.


              What I DONT WANT is:

              1. Neither of the pictures cannot have any alteration (size, resolution, dpi, colors, etc)
              2. No border and no spacing
              3. I CANNOT be aleatory, it has to follow the alphabetic order
              4. I dont want them to be in different layers
              5. I dont want to use alpha channels


              I just want the square shape, pictures to be side by side,  in alphabetic order, like in your example


              If my folder have pictures from zero to 15, the final poster with 4 collumns x 4 rows would be:


              picture0.jpg   picture1.jpg   picture2.jpg   picture3.ppg

              picutre4.jpg   picture5.jpg   picture6.jpg   picture 7.jpg

              picture8.jpg   picture9.jpg   picture10.jpg picture11.jpg

              picture12.jpg picture13.jpg picture14.jpg picture15.jpg


              Can this be a simple action?


              Thank you all so much,


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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                All you need to do is create a Collage template PSD file the size and resolution you want your final output to be.  All images will be place in and transformed into place. Transform is a form of interpolation. My scripts use Bicubic Interpolation while resizing images for their locations. So the final resolution of the images will be the same as the canvas resolution.  If you do not want any alterations to your images they need to be the same size as the canvas image locations.   However as long as the images aspect ration matches the template image locations, the image can be any size and resolution. Transform will resample the image to the template image area.  The image composition will not change.  Even if the images aspect ratio does not match the templates image aspect ratio, the Actual image will not be changed but it will be resized to fill the image area any excess will be masked off. The result would look like a center crop. The image can even be moved to tweak this virtual crop.  As for image placement. In automatic mode image are placed in, in filename sort order. Image locations are populated in Alpha channel image number order.  In interactive mode you choose the image for each location interactively.   You do not need to create any actions or scripts. All the scripts you need are provided.  All you need do is design you collage and create a template psd file for it. The answerers to these questions you asked are all addressed in the documentation.  Scripts are copied into Photoshop's Presets\scripts folder and the layer styles supplied must be loaded into Photoshop.  Template require Alpha Channels for the scripts operation. Once the template is populated you can manually remove the alpha channels and flatten the document or simply use the save jpeg option. Then you can delete the populated layer collages PSD files and just keep the saved  jpeg collages.  Jpeg does not support layers  and alpha channels. Jpeg files are a background layer.


                If all you want to do is make a matrix. You nay be able to do the with the supplied Paste image roll script and flatten the result.  No template is needed. From the documentation Paste Image Roll Script and Picture Package Support.

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                  l2berzins Level 1

                  Hello JJMack

                  Your solution is way too sofisticated and I see that you didn’t understand how to help me.

                  I will get into your website to ask you because I didn't understand anything above.

                  Thank you!!!

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    Yes I have a problem communicating in writing so I can not help you. For it is hard to explain thing to users that are Novice Photoshop users for Photoshop has a huge learning curve. It take time to develop Photoshop knowledge to the point that your comfortable in Photoshop and are able to understand what other users are doing and writing. At this point I can not communicate with you.


                    In reality the PastImageRoll script is very easy to use to create a matrix.  You know the number or rows and columns you want and the size of the image tiles you want.  All you need do is calculate how wide the paper needs to be.  You set these into the scripts dialog paper width and resolution, the image tile size and add and border size and between in spacing sizes in and run the script.  It will put up an image file selection dialog and for you to select the images you want in the matrix.  If you want a 4 row 4 column matrix you select 16 images for you set the paper width the size 4 columns will fit.  The script will calculate how many image columns will fit in the width you set.  It will then calculate how many row will be needed with 16 images.   The script will then calculate what document size is needed create a new document that size and layout the image matrix. Example