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    How can I use the color stabilizer to eliminate flickering caused by shifting shadows?

    awovgfraesvnoraesbvgnkji Level 1

      I have footage of a subject drawing on a blackboard. I am speeding the footage up between 1000% and 2000%, which has caused a flickering effect because the lighting was natural, and there are clouds moving by; so sometimes the board is darker, and sometimes lighter. At normal speeds, it made no difference, but at such high speeds the flickering is intense. I'm hoping the color stabilizer can help, but I'm wondering if I should apply it before the time remapping effect, or if I can apply it afterwards on the final clip?


      I'm also wondering what will happen if one of the points I choose has a hand moving across it for a few frames. Can I choose different points to dodge the hand so the colors don't get way out of wack when the hand moves by?


      How does it work?