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    Encoding Error Encore CS5


      I keep getting encoding errors when I try and burn a DVD in Adobe Encore CS5. I use a combination of video that is 1920x1080 and Digital Juice Templates. I insert pixs and video in DJ templates which range from 1 to 3 minutes long and export them out of After Effects CS5 as a QuickTime mov. Then I import into Premiere CS5 and put onto timeline with other video clips. The project is about 12 minutes long. When I export into Adobe Encore CS5(Using Dynamic Link) I get an encoding  error message. When I export just the video only into Encore I have no encoding issues at all. Also when I export out of the Juicer I make sure it is 1920x1080 and all frame rates are 29.97. I am really stumped here. I talked to Adobe and they tell me it is a time line issue. Any assistance you give will be greatly appreciated. I also tried using Adobe Media Encoder but it will not encode project.