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    Why are my videos stuttering and losing frames?

    helppppppp Level 1

      Okay, so not technically a PP question, but since I was planning on exporting these files into PP tomorrow, it kinda counts.


      I'm making a short film on my iPhone using Filmic Pro (h.264, 50 mbit/sec, 24fps, 1920x1080, the whole shebang). The shots look great on there but when I transfer it to my laptop and open in both QT and VLC they fall to pieces - dropping frames, stuttering, looking grainy as hell and sometimes not even playing at all.


      I get the impression that my laptop can't handle the file quality, but is there any way to get them to play smoothly on my old decrepit dell? I'll be exporting and editing on a much more powerful suite tomorrow, but I'm still paranoid that the files are going to play in the same way. Is there anything I can do tonight other than just hope that a more powerful machine will make the difference? Essentially, I just want reassurance that I'm not going to have to reshoot anything.


      Thanks in advance