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    Scripts/Image Processor Error Message


      When using Image Processor on Photoshop CS5, what does the following error message mean and how can I fix this issue? ReferenceError: Window does not have a constructor : 327

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Contact Adobe support, you hit a bug. I never seen that one pop up before.

          But in general what it is saying is it is trying to create a window and to do so it needs to reference a constructor.


          That constructor should have been automatically created or a programmer creates one from scratch, that depends on how the code was created. Since that bug normally does not appear, I would say a some code pointed to the wrong location in memory hence the word reference. (In generic terms reference means to point to a location in memory)


          Try it again and see if it repeats itself. I think Adobe will tell you that you need to reinstall photoshop, but its better that they tell you that as I could easily be misinterpreting that error message.