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    listening for external function calls


      I am trying to get a global nav thats in the html page that my Edge Comp is embedded in to run function to talk to my Edge comp and excecute a function I have setup within my Edge comp.


      Make sense?



      Inside my Edge Comp within the composition ready I have a simple function:


      sym.MuteSound = function()


                console.log("Mute is listening");



      and within the page that the comp is housed in I have a toggle function:


                                       function togglePause(toggle) {


                                                 console.log("TogglePause is Working");




                                            * Global pause/mute toggle.  Insert any custom code needed to interact with this

                                            * to mute, pause or do anything in particular while the nav is open.

                                            * Accepts a boolean value: true = pause, false = unpause

                                            * This is called automatically when the navigation is opened or closed.




      The togglePause is fireing off correctly but its not excecuting the sym.MuteSound(); function thats inside of my Edge Comp...


      Does anyone know how I should properly structure it so that they can play nice?