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    Animation and Edge Animate


      This may be a lengthy question(s) so bear with me. I have been asked to investigate animation programs that could render a final product that could be incorporated in our sharepoint website or in a stand alone presentations. Could Edge Animate be the program I am looking for? I have played around with Animate before and it seems like it could be capable, but I'm just not sure. I am not a coder which is why animate intriqued me with its sales pitch. Now, I believe to get the full capabilities from animate, coding (javascript?) is required. Am I correct in this thinking or way off base? Are there code cheat sheets that a person could use or would I have to learn javascript or whatever script that is necessary to gain full appreciation as to what Edge Animate can do? Or do I need to look elsewhere.

      Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this post. I know your time in valuable. I appreciate whatever insight you offer.