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    FC or Flex? School Project Help


      So, im brand new to catalyst,(and builder). and the design class i have this semester would have me make something interactive using either catalyst or builder. Im thinking i can stick with catalyst for my project but that is part of the questions.
      Question 1: Is Catalyst capable of what i need for my project or is builder my better bet.
      Question 2: I would ask if what im trying to do is possible for a little advice on how to accomplish it would be nice.(as ive realized finding tutorials for my needs has prooved unsuccessful.)



      So here what the project is and what it needs.

      Im making an interactive map sorta like google maps.


      it will have certain elements:


      -Illustrated terrain map [can do in photoshop]

      -a road map with seperate layers for roads, trails, city symbols and capitol symbols. [will be done in Illustrator and and will overlay the terrain map]

      -Detail bubbles: kinda like a popup that will appear with information about a location if you were to hover over or click on a city symbol [either done with buttons, or states]



      -An interactive legend that can be toggled on or off. which will have options to toggle visibiliy certain layers of the road map (toggle visibility of roads or symbols independently) [dont with several page states.]

      Ok all of the above im pretty sure catalyst can accomplish, i just mention this to give a full overview. The next part is where im going to have difficulty.



      -A diamond shaped four directional pan control HUD. basicly 4 buttons for up,down,left, right. used to pan around the map(im thinking ill set them up like the arrow buttons of a horizontal and vertical scroll bar? but idont know if it will be functional without a thumb or track?)

      -A zoom slider. a simple horzontal slider that will zoom the image in and out. Ive found a tutorial for a zoom button using a zoom and unzoomed page state but im looking for more control over the amount zoomed. also if this is not possible would it be possible to have multiple zoomed states and have them linked to certain positions on the zoom slider, to kinda mimic the effect im trying to get.


      Finally when panning or zooming i need all the map elements( terrainmap, road maps, location symbols, detail bubbles) to move in unison, while the other elements(the legend and the navigation controls) to remain stationary like a HUD for the map.


      So how about it? Some one wanna point me in the right direction?


      PS. I have asked my iinstructor, but when it came to the navigation feature he seemed unsure about it and the method he reccomended was to make different page states for the map and distribute the map into quadrants that would be swapped between using the buttons... thats just way to many page states that will have to all have there own buttons that go to the correct quadrant, and thats a head ache cause my map is 40x40 inch and the frame for the app im making is 800x600 pixel