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    Problems with printing booklet


      I have ID CS6.  I have created a document and printing as booklet.  During the process, somehow, the first page, which is my cover page, does not appear as a single page like it used to and the page that would be the back cover is actually printing on the page before the end.  I have a total of 56 pages.  When I first started working on this, I had 46 pages and had to increase the size through the process.  Now, when I look at the Print Preview, the Right Side Cover is not on a single page, it looks just like the other Spreads so I must have changed something and I don't know what.  Anybody have a clue what I changed and how to fix this?  My last page should be a single page also so that it prints as the facing page to the first page.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In the Print Booklet dialog box click on the "Print Settings" and then tick the "Print Blank Pages"

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I'm a little confused by your post, and I think you might be a little confused about what Print Booklet does, if you are using Print Booklet to print the file. Are you?


            Your layout should be a multiple of 4 pages, which it is. In the Pages panel you should be seeing the first and last pages as singles, the rest as two page spreads. Is that what you see? If not, please post a screen capture of the pages panel so we can figure out why.


            From here, there are two ways to print the booklet as spreads. You can use the regular print dialog and check the Spreads box and you should see the first page by itself, then a series of two-page spreads in consecutive order (readers' spreads) exactly aas they appear inthe Pages panel, and finally the last page as a single. This is OK for proofing, but you cannot fold and bind this and have a booklet that is readable in order.


            To get a booklet you can fold and bind you use Print Booklet. Print Booklet "imposes," or shuffles the page order into printers' spreads, so that the back cover is to the left of the front cover, and on the back of that sheet there will be the inside front to the left of the inside back covers (in your case pages 2 & 55) for a 2-up saddle-stitch booklet. Perfect binding (glued, like a paperback book) would be a little different in the page order, breaking the book into chunks, but the process is essentially the same. When assembled, the book can be read in order.


            It's very important when running Print Booklet, or when printing spreads from the print dialog, that you also "print blank pages" if there are any to maintain the page count and the proper order and realtionships between the pages.