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    Exporting H264 from 5k R3ds


      Just finished cutting and colour correcting a short music video we shot with the Epic. We shot 5k, and I did my colour correct using Redcine-X. I'm trying to export it as a 1080p file so that I can upload to the web, but each time I get massive banding, and the blacks are completely milky and full of artifacts. I've tried using noise and blur filters to no avail. I've also tried just about every codec available with similar results.


      Above is the 5k image: Nala 5k.jpg

      And now the 1080p Image

      Nala 1080.jpg


      Here are my settings:



      Is there a step that I'm missing?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Windows Media Player is hardly the most reliable QC tool.  Get the export onto a properly calibrated TV.  How does it look there?

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            SandboxEmpire Level 1

            It's not so much a colour reproduction issue as it is an artifacting/banding issue.

            I cut it using a 5k timeline, and tried exporting it directly to a 1080p H264 file from there. I've also tried using AME to render down the 5k DNxHD master to a 1080p DNxHD file with unsatisfactory results - the file size is gargantuan.


            Right now I'm attempting to export from a 1080p timeline with scaled down footage. Still waiting for my sample to export.


            Clearly people have been editing and exporting clean RED footage to 1080 for some time now, yet it seems to elude me. What's your workflow?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I have not yet been fortunate enough to work with RED footage.


              But for superior H.264 encoding, I do export out a lossless Intermediate using the UT codec, and from there I use an x264 encoder in Constant Quality mode.  This produces better results than the MainConcept encoder Adobe uses with only CBR and VRB modes.