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    How do I get my shockwave flash to stop crashing

    crystal ritter

      My shockwave crash keeps crashing/not responding/slow to respond/lagging/loading slow/freezes/etc. I do not know much about computer but since June 2 have been having problems. I removed it on June 2 and reloaded with same error messages, freezes, etc. I noticed my Norton was also giving me problems so contacted Norton who after a week was finally able to fix that problem. On Mon. they asked if I was having any problems and i stated not with Norton; only with shockwave flash from Adobe.com - still same problems or worse than before. All this week I've beent trying to find downloads/help since Norton said to contact you. It's Wed. and I'm still looking for help. I've taken off all Adobe products again and reloaded them one by one restarting my computer in between downloads. All are the latest downloads on your site adobe.com under downloads.  I'm still have slow page loading/response. Then after a while i get shockwave not responding to finally get plug in shockwave flash has crashed. I don't do much on my computer but enjoy playing games on faceboo.com and zynga.com. Please help so I can enjoy my computer again. I used to use Mozilla but Norton doesn't work well with it and was told to use Google.

      After allowing adobe to keep game info on my computer, it's been working good for 30 minutes without any errors/freezes/crashes, etc. Lets hope it will now work!

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          DavidStanely Level 1

          If you have already scanned PC with an updated Anti-Virus and still the issue exists then I would suggest some troubleshooting techniques to resolve this problem:


          • Update browser
          • Remove unwanted Add-ons
          • Remove unwanted Tool-bars
          • Repair Registry
          • Repair ActiveX objects and shared DLLs


          In case of facebook and Zynga I would suggest to Check for Problems with your Internet Connection.Try to Update Java and Reduce the Number of Running Internet Applications.


          Sometimes Multimedia content lag due to Hardware Acceleration, so disabling Hardware Acceleration should fix your problem.

          • Open Flash Video in browser
          • Right click on Video Player | Settings
          • Open Display Panel
          • Uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration


          If issue still exists then you can find some more techniques described in detail here:


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            crystal ritter Level 1

            thank you, just saw your answer. I don't know much about computers and how to do these things but I will try and see what I can come up with. I did update things but thank you thank you thank you for sending me ideas and things to do to fix it.

            One thing maybe is the problem has to do with a tool bar. One got put on when I was putting things back on my computer. one day while playing farmville i accidently clicked on the music. Every time i play farmville this music plays. i've taken off the tool bar but it keeps playing every time i play farmville. norton says there is no virus on my computer and running scans shows no virus.

            I was just notified that my yahoo (which I usually don't use) was hacked into on the 16th.

            I will keep trying and thank you again for your help.


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              Which toolbar? Have you worked the problem out yet? If so, how?

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                I have had trouble with my browsers freezing and crashing for over a year now and you are the first person to say anything about the hardware accelerator! Thank You! I have not have one problem since i turned that off! I swear i could almost kiss you hahaha  I had done everything.. took all toolbars off, I clear history, cookies, and cache every time I close a browser.  As an extra precaution I even run a clean up afterwords.  I have tried IE (which I hate to use) chrome (not a fan of either) and firefox.  I check adobe and java to insure they are updated regularly and have a quick time plug in also.  I have Norton's Utilities that runs every night and after if it promps I defrag the registry.  Also like her it said I have not virus.  I was about at my wits end. So honestly THANK YOU