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    Photoshop Elements - preferred 'default' Layout?

    mynameiswrb Level 1

      When I first started using the program, the opened files were 'tabbed', only one open a time in the workspace. Then I made the mistake of playing wiith the other options, to see what thy presented, and ever since, the 'default' Layout is 'floating', which is NOT what I want. Why did the software reset itself, and where (if anywhere) is the magic user option that altered the original display and would let me reset to what it calls 'default' layout? Regardless of whether I use the 'Windows>Images>Consolidate all to tabs' or Layout>Default to get the tabs, the next time I load a set of images I'm back to floating. Maddening - cannot find this described in either of the 2 reference books I bought NOR by searching online Adobe.