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    Some very weird issue with Motion tween

    HolyClusterShell Level 1

      Hello, guys! I confronted some kind of weird problem. I uploaded it in fla, https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9bkjiokk51m1o3/landscape_START.fla. Soo, about the problem, flowers in layers 8,9,10 act wrong, when im trying to apply motion tween, they move from their current position right to the hell another one, and i can't understand why. Can somebody explain me what the matter? Because the  rest of objects in another layers make it right, when i use motion tween. Oh, and btw, when you make zoom like 50% and less, u can see the workplace consist of gray square in dark gray square, again, wtf? When i make sizes in properties panel larger, it just goes crazy.