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    PS CS6 crashes on start of 3D rendering

    mmackinven Level 1



      I have come across this problem a few times now and it is quite frustrating.

      The file in question has rendered perfectly before but client requested a small change just before publication, so we have made the change but when rendering, photoshop crashes.


      I have tried the file on both my 27" iMac i5 with 24gbb ram, and my Macbook Pro Retina i7 with 16gb ram.


      The only fix I have found is to duplicate all layers to an ALREADY OPEN new file, save as a new name, quit PS then re-open the new file and render. THis is becoming a pain in the *** as you can see


      Here's the original file (53MB download): https://www.dropbox.com/s/veelm76rhfxa3p8/VDA%20Infographic%20Vertical.psd


      Can anyone determine the issue?