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      What if I want to continue using my desktop to edit and share my photos?  Not everyone wants to use their iPhone or iPad to do their photography business.  What am I suppose to do now? UGH!  and where the hell are my pictures?

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          Hi Veronica.


          Your photos from Photoshop.com have been migrated (copied) to Revel. They are in a library called "veronica's library". You can login to adoberevel.com with the same email(Adobeid) and password you use for photoshop.com to see them.


          Many people do not realize that they can use Revel from a web browser until we release an app for the PC. You can upload, download, view, manage, and share photos from the website. You do not need to have a mobile device to enjoy and share photos on Revel. (You can go to adoberevel.com on a browser or download the app if you have a Mac or iOS device)

          You get a premium account for the first 30 days which allows unlimited uploads. Free accounts are limited to 50 uploads a month.Premium accounts allow unlimited uploads. I have listed some links that might help you if you decide to use this program.

          To be notified when Revel is available for Windows and Android:
          go to http://www.photoshop.com/products/revel
          scroll down and look on the right side where it says "coming soon- Notify me" for windows or android. Click and you can sign up to be notified.


          Getting Started with Revel:

          Forum FAQ's:

          Forum for Revel users:

          FAQ's about the transition from Photoshop.com to Revel:

          FAQ's about Revel and subscriptions: