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    Size/Placement of Quiz Answers


      Is there any way to set the default size of the boxes containing the answers in a quiz in Presenter 7?


      I've got some admittedly long answers, but I can't get the text to take up any more than about half the width of the slide, and all answers together only take up about half of the height. If I could expand that size allocation, I'm pretty sure the text would fit at a reasonable font size. As it is, the font is coming out tiny because it's trying to squeeze into an unnecessarily small area.


      It's a bit painful.


      Any ideas?

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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



          There is no easy way you can resize the text boxes for quiz answers.

          But there is a solution.

          When the question is inserted on the slide, you may do the following:

          1. Select individual text boxes for every answer and adjust the height. There are seperate text boxes for the button, option and answer.

          2. select the text and adjust the font and size.


          This is the only way you can do it currently.

          Let me know if you need any help making these adjustments.