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    Waste of time


      I do not want a discussion, I just want to know if Adobe has any actual help. I do not want to wait days to try things that people who know no more than I suggest. I want actual product support.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Click the Adobe logo at the top left of this page and then follow the appropriate Support links. For example Premiere Elements 'Using My Product' support will take you to http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=premiere-elements&topic=using-my-product-or-se rvice.


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I came across a prior thread of yours which seemed to be emphatic about the need for email support - in that case it was under the banner of Adobe Export PDF.



            Is this the same matter or do you need help with some version of Premiere Elements?

            The right column of the Discussion page here, shows your resource possibilities, including links for Contacting Adobe.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I would start with a complete listing of the details of the exact problems that you are experiencing - the more detail, the better.


              Then, the "regulars" here can possibly solve your issues - though perhaps not - depends on the problem.


              As for direct support from Adobe (no users involved), you might not get what you are seeking.


              Also, and with the exception of licensing, or some odd installation issues, I find that the help from this forum are better than most Adobe telephone support.


              Please help us help you, and we will attempt to keep the "discussion" to a minimum. However, some troubleshooting might take just a bit, as everything is not pure black or white. There are also many manifestations of problems that are rather open-ended, in that what appears to be the same observed problem, could be, in fact, caused by different sources.


              Good luck,



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                fryque Level 1

                Okay, here's one thing. but do I state it here or log on  and start a separate thread for each problem. I would have to track answers from many people on at least four or five tracks. Example: I have a video with a logo showing at the beginning and the end. the logo is old. I tried using garbage mattes but that would be a different thread. for this one, i just split off the beginning and end pieces and deleted them. playing the vid showed NO signs of the deleted sections. I added a picture at the beginning and end. I added a transition between the beginning picture and the main part, and one between the main part and the ending picture. Now when I play the video, the OLD DELETED logo shows up in the background during transitions. This is one example of four major concerns.

                PS: Why could I not get to this reply from the email I got. It took eight pages and two log ins to get here?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The reason that the old logo (the one that was removed, when you Trimmed the Clip) showed during the Transition, is that you did not have adequate Handles at the Head and Tail of your Trimmed Clip. Just Trim a bit more, so that you DO have enough "clean Frames," i.e. without the logo, to allow for the Transition. Depending on the Duration of your Transition, you should only need to Trim by 1/2 of the number of Frames in the Transition's Duration.


                  This article goes into a lot more detail on Handles, and how to provide adequate Handles for a Transition: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3727485#3727485


                  Good luck, and hope that helps,



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    As far as the direct e-mail responses, that is a situation, over which none of us, the mere users, have any control over. Adobe sets its Support policies, for the better, or worse.


                    Once, Adobe Support (I only ever used Customer Support, and never Technical Support) WAS near the top of the software companies. However, the last time that I used C/S was before e-mails were common, so I just made the telephone call. I understand that the support is no longer so good, but know that Adobe is trying to rework some things, and make policy changes, so it might once again rise to the top of the stack. I used to rank Adobe right below the old WordPerfect, back before Novell and Corel, when it was based in Orem, UT, USA. Now, they were astounding in their support, both Customer and Technical.


                    In the meantime, until Adobe makes sweeping changes, the forums are probably the best bet. Wish that I had better news on that front.


                    Good luck,