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    Creative Cloud Dowload & Install

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      I know there is a forum specifically for issues with CC dowload & install, but having signed up a few days early to be ahead of the game, sort of thing, my experiences with CC to date have not ran particularly smoothly.   It might well have been my own fault for not going about it in exactly the right way, but so far the Photoshop CS6 update failed with the oft quoted U44M1P7 error message, so I ran the cleaner; deactivated and uninstalled my existing installation of Photoshop CS6, and started again with the Application Manager.  This reinstalled Photoshop CS6 for me, but with no icons.  That was fixed by changing the file association for a random psd file.  I have not bothered with the Update, but I shall probably do so after posting this.


      I sure hope the rest of the CC DL & Install is less problematic, but the CC DL & Install forum is seeing some activity.