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    Puppet pin Crash



      I have been experiencing some recurring problems with After Effects CS6 (  sometime even on cs5. 5) .


      Each time I pick a image Layer and want to place a puppet pin, After Effects crashes


      This  error logs then comes up .




      The crash report system annouces the following.



      10  FRP.dylib                    0x0000000102e474f3 FRP_MeshAtom::ARAP_GetVertices(T_Time&, short, short, bool, std::vector<FRP_PinAtom*, std::allocator<FRP_PinAtom*> >*, std::vector<M_Vector2T<double>, std::allocator<M_Vector2T<double> > >*) + 379
      43  com.adobe.dvaui.framework    0x000000010350961f -[DrawableGLView mouseDown:] + 127


      Can anyone help me please.