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    Big off topic..but maybe not..

    Fabio Pis Level 1

      gtx 580 1000 iterazioni 3.39.jpggtx 580 e titan 1000 iterazioni 2.05.jpggtx titan 1000 iterazioni 3.15.jpg

      I would like to share with you some tests I did with my two GPU an iray renderer with 3dsmax

      I say it  here because I am confident that new Premiere CC version will support more seriously gpu and multi gpu setup

      so I share my results:


      Asrock extreme 9 x79

      64 gb ddr 3 1600 corsair vengaence

      I7 3960X@4.3Ghz

      Colorful GTX 580 1.5 Gb

      Asus GTX Titan 6 Gb


      My scene does not saturate the minimal amount of ram of my gtx 580, but both gpu was always at full 100% load

      I set Iray at 1000 iterations and only for use of one or two gpu available and one cpu core:



      GTX 580 3m 39s

      Gtx Titan 3m 15s

      Gtx 580 + GTX Titan 2m 05s

      so if Adobe could achive a good integration and a full load in many premiere pro tasks

      I will very happy