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    Are there any differences between using Adobe Illustrator on a MAC and on a PC?




      I'm about go enroll in a class specialized for teaching Adobe Illustrator in order to be able to use the program at work.  The company that I work at uses Macintosh computers to deal with clerical work and everything, so I would like to know if there are any differences between using Adobe Ilustrator on a MAC and on a PC.  The school that offers training teaches two types of classes, where one uses Illustrator on a MAC, and the other one on a PC.  The PC class is able to have an earlier start date, which is why I'm sort of leaning towards choosing that class as I need to be able to use the software as soon as possible, but if there are main differences between the interface that will affect my knowledge of using Illustrator on a MAC after I take the class with Windows systems, then I will most likely be waiting for the class teaching in MAC systems.


      Thanks in advance for the help!


      Oh and another suggestion- should I take the Illustrator class in CS6 or CS5?