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    Debugging doesn't work in second Project


      Hi everyone,


      I've made a project (a little space shooter) and now I'm trying to do a new one.

      I started making a blank flash professional cs6 project and program everything in flash builder 4.7.

      In the first project everything worked fine.


      But now in the second project I have a big problem: The AS3-files are not recognized... or are they? Debugging doesn't work, the program starts but it holds on not a single breakpoint.

      It's the same in Flash Pro itself. So it's not a problem of Flash Builder...

      I controlled everything and found out that my first project runs with the same properties but the debugging works fine.


      Here's a little screenshot



      Doesn anybody has a clue how to get this work? The class "Boat.as" is a MovieClip with a small triangle. It does nothing...


      Thanks for helping everyone!