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    adding hyperlink to paragraph style


      So I have a fairly extensive set of technical sheets with items. All those items consist of 3 elements, an image, a "text" item in a paragraph style (eg 1457EC) + a body explanation in another paragraph style.

      Now the text item (1457EC)I would like to add a hyperlink to that. Every element is also visible on a website, simply by a using this string http://productportal.acertys.com/?webpartid=ACE_ProductDetails.ax&productid= followed by "1457EC"


      Is there an easy way to add this hyperlink string to these text elements without actually replacing them with the rather large http-string?

      Can it be done by using GREP? By find/replace?

      Do I need scripting for this?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm stumped on this one - I think it can be scripted but I don't know for sure.


          I can't find a way to do it with the conventional tools in InDesign.

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @Eugene – of course you cannot apply a hyperlink to a Paragraph Style, but one can apply a hyperlink to a text range (e.g. a whole paragraph).


            In InDesign CS5.5, just select the text range, go to the Hyperlinks Panel, chose "New Hyperlink…" and set your properties like: URL etc.

            Now the hyperlink is set for that text range you could duplicate that  text range along with the hyperlink by copy/paste and change the contents afterwards.

            For changing the contents of the duplicate, do NOT select ALL the text, but only a portion and edit the text. THEN remove the remnants of the old text. The area of the hyperlink will adapt.


            To automate something like this, e.g. put a hyperlink to all text ranges that are formatted with a specific character style or paragraph style requires scripting.


            But I'm not sure what Sven *exactly* would like to achieve…


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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              From what I understand is that they have a Paragraph style for


              <paragraph style 1>This is a part no. 1457EC for the item


              And they want to find the Part No. in the Paragraph style and add in the Hyperlink for all the part no's within a paragraph style.


              Finding the Part No. would be easy - but giving it a Hyperlink - there's the problem.


              It would be ok if all the Part no.s were 1457EC because you could just find and replace them with the GREP ~C or ~c (can't remember which one is the right one).


              But if the part no.s are changing then using the ~C in the GREP is useless - (actually haven't tried the ~C yet but I imagine it would take the hyperlink on the for the ride?)

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                svenvandyck Level 1

                Hi eugene,

                You are correct. That's exactly what i'm trying to do. And indeed not all of the article nrs are the same. On the contrary. They are all unique.

                Is there a way i can send you guys the file to try it out?