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    Evelita Level 1
      I have several Captivate projects that launch from a Main Menu project. In the Project Preferences, Project end options, I have selected to end these projects by launching the Main Menu project. I published all projects as Flash files because I plan to distribute them via CD. When I click the Exit button on the skin playback controls, I get the following message: "The Web page you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close this window?" If I click Yes, I exit from the published Captivate project. I have two questions: 1) how can I either keep the Main Menu project open underneath the other modules (projects) or return to it once I exit the other modules, and 2) how can I get rid of the Exit question?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Evelita, and welcome to the Community!

          The warning you see is there to keep you from "sawing off the branch you are sitting on", so to speak, in Internet Explorer. It only appears if the instance of IE you are viewing the movie in is the only instance open. If your movie is launched from a menu in another IE window - and the menu window is left open - you will not be shown the warning notice.

          So the "fix" is to have a menu-movie or a menu-HTM page, and when the user starts to view a movie from the menu, have him/her view it in a "New" window, leaving the menu open beneath it.

          To do that, when you use a click-box, button, or in your case, the Project Start and End options, look at the right side of the blank where you enter the movie you want to jump to and you will see a carat, or downward-facing half-diamond. Click it and select "New" as the window type to use.

          Have a good day, and once again, welcome to the User Community!
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Hmmm. Was just rereading your original post. I skipped over it at first, but you said you "published all projects as Flash files because (I) plan to distribute them via CD".

            I hope, by that, you meant that you are publishing as SWF output with "Export HTML" checked beneath it. Let me know if not, because if, by "Flash files" you meant that you are publishing as Windows executables (Standalone), it changes everything. Thanks!
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              Evelita Level 1
              Thanks very much for your help. I set the main menu buttons to open the other projects in a new window and selected Stop Project to end all the projects. When I exit I return to the main menu, but I'm still getting the same message about do I really want to close the Window. If I eliminate the Exit button from the skin and use the Close button in the upper right to close the window, I do not get the message. Any way to get rid of the message with the Exit button? I cleared Internet cache. I am publishing as Flash .swf movies with Export html checked.
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                CatBandit Level 3
                Hi again Evelita,

                I believe, but am not positive, that your problem might be related to your browser make (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, etc.), or to the version. The action-script on the Exit button is basically a Java-script command, and Java-script is obeyed to varying degrees, by the different browser manufacturers (and even handled differently by the same browsers in different versions).

                The bottom line is, unless your end-users are all using exactly the same browser type and version, I'm sure some will see the problem you are describing, and others will have no problem at all.

                Sorry I can't offer a "works every time" remedy, but that info is the best I can do. Have a great day!!
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                  jojolina Level 1
                  Larry, sorry to bust in here, your forgiveness would be good and please feel free to shout back if the man hath spouted garbage in the post below.

                  Evelita, I am curious as to why you are publishing to SWF and not EXE due to the fact that you are distributing on CD. The reason I ask is that I do the majority of my work as standalones on CD and memory sticks and always use the exe option for this as it seems to me that this is what the exe version was designed for. The outputs are also a lot "cleaner" (only 1 file vs 3 or 4 per module) and there are no browser issues or flash player version problems.

                  Just a thought!!