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    Flash Help File Size

      Hello everybody.

      I have a few concerns I was hoping you could help me ease.

      I am working on a help file that will most likely be a couple hundred topics long. The client wants a Flash Help File with lots of screen shots and Flash (swf) animations that will posted on their server. I'm up to around 25 topics and I'm already hitting 4.5 mgs in size.

      All the screen shots are saved out as .gif or .png files from Photoshop using the Save for web option. There are only a few swf animations, each only a couple secs long using simple icons graphics. At this rate I'm looking at a Flash Help File around 50 mgs big.

      I'm new to help files and RoboHelp, so I was wondering is this going to be too big for online help and will the users have problems accessing it and will it overload their computers?

      If so, what can I do to shrink this help file down?

      Thanks alot