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    Fireworks CS6, was ok .. now crashes .. HELP!


      I've been merrily using Fireworks CS6 for a while now (PC installation on vista ultimate 64bit).  Worked just fine and no problems.


      But suddenly (like maybe within the past two or three days, if I launch it, the splash screen appears, loads the interface and sits waiting for me to either reopen a previous file, or create a new one.  So far so good.


      As soon as I do either however, the software locks up and I have to head to Task Manager to kill it.


      my older version of Fireworks is still on the machine, so I have used that instead .. which is ok of course .. but how can I get my CS6 version working again?


      any suggestions will be warming welcomed.




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          davidfarndon Level 1

          spoke too soon, now Fireworks CS6 will start to launch until the splash says 'xxxs loading keyboard shortcuts'  (xx meaning seconds to wait I assume), it it then hangs.  Older version failed too .. so I am currently without fireworks ..and I have some projects arriving for which it would be REALLY hand to hav it working again.


          HELP !!


          all the other CS6 products seem to open ok ..


          ps. actually running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 just noticed